Postage Rate Increase In 2019 - Ways To Reduce Your 2019 Bulk Mail Postage Costs

Los Angeles, CA - June 1, 2018 - The cost of direct mail postage may be going up. The United States Postal Service had announced a postage rate increase from 50 to 51 cents each for First Class mail. And more rate increases are sure to follow. But there are ways to reduce 2019 postage costs for direct mail promotions.

Bulk Mail and the 2019 postage increase

You can qualify for discounted bulk mail postage at 2019 Presorted Standard Rates ranging from 26 - 32 cents per bulk mail letter, brochure or self-mailer (exact rates depend on the addresses contained in the list). Your bulk mail list can be presorted and get you the 2019 discount letter postage, 2019 discount brochure postage, or 2019 discount self-mailer postage, which will save you at least 23 cents per direct mail letter, brochure or self-mailer that you mail.

If you mail more than 200 identical bulk mail pieces, you can qualify for discount postage and save over 23 cents per piece... that's a 51% discount postage rate for bulk mail! The process is called pre-sorting, which sorts the addresses in the sequence the post office wants to deliver them. Once we pre-sort your bulk mailing list, we address your bulk mail pieces in the pre-sorted order. By presorting your bulk mailing, you can receive discount postage and get your mailing delivered to the post office for you.

When your bulk mailing is more than 5,000 letters, brochures or self-mailers, you'll find savings in using a mailing service; the postage savings will be significant and will save you money on your 2019 direct mail, sometimes more than the cost of the mailing service. You have the option of printing bulk mail pieces yourself and shipping them to us, or having us do both the bulk mail printing and mailing for you.

Standard Rate mail is an excellent value...

A letter-size mailpiece up to 3.3 ounces can be mailed for only 26 to 32 cents each!
Even with a 2019 postage rate increase, that's less than $.02 from the previous postage rate.

There are good reasons why people prefer bulk mail to email:

  • 45.3% view it as less intrusive, doesn't interrupt other activities
  • 40.2% think it's more convenient, can easily be saved and considered at choice of times
  • 30.2% perceive it as less high-pressured, lets me arrive at a decision intelligently
  • 22.7% find it more descriptive, provides better information

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