247 Direct Mail Fulfillment Services Los Angeles

From assembling custom packages to hand inserted fulfillment orders, 247 Fulfillment Services has the experience and systems in place to quickly and accurately handle all your fulfillment and distribution needs.

A fulfillment house refers to the services provided by a company that offers to store, receive the orders, package, and then ship the ordered item to the end consumer. When you send your job to 247 Fulfillment Services, you will feel confident that your project will be prepared correctly, incorporating supply chain management and fulfillment logistics. We will store your fulfillment materials, media and products in our warehouse, then pick and pack and ship them via your preferred method.

    Our fulfillment services include:
  • Pick and pack services, with a fast turnaround time
  • Gift wrapping services
  • Inventory control
  • Stock status reports
  • USPS Mail, FedEx, UPS shipping
    We offer services in the areas of:
  • Document Fulfillment
  • Catalog Fulfillment
  • Magazine Fulfillment
  • DVD and CD Fulfillment
  • Report and White Paper Fulfillment
  • Direct Mail Promotion Fulfillment
  • Order Shipping on Demand
  • All tailored to your specific fulfillment house needs.

We utilize state of the art technology to ensure that your fulfillment materials are professionally prepared, printed and shipped. We will complete your project correctly and on time from our fulfillment center in Los Angeles, California.

Pick and Pack is the process of selecting items currently being stored by the fulfillment company to prep for shipping. Companies have employees known as pickers that will receive an order manifest. These pickers will then determine the warehouse location (known as a BIN or INTERNAL SKU) of the individual items, and pull them from the warehouse shelves to prep for fulfillment. With the picker taking the items in the order manifest back to the packing station, another employee known as a packer will then check to make sure all items in the order manifest are present and then begin the packaging process. Packaging of the product according to its type is then performed, optionally, a packaging slip may be attached, and the product is labeled with address identification of where the item is to be shipped. A packaging slip may not always be required to accurately pick the contents of an order. These fulfillment methods allow for an increase in productivity. However, fulfillment systems of picking items for shipping will vary based on variables such as the number of items, and sku diversity of the goods to be shipped.

247 Direct Mail Fulfillment Los Angeles services your city too

We are a direct mail fulfillment service based in Los Angeles, California. A fulfillment house for advertising in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and San Fernando Valley and all across California. We service fulfillment California efforts, as well as national advertising fulfillment and marketing fulfillment campaigns. We have clients across the country, including San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco, representing many different industries. Whatever your particular fulfillment needs, we will be able to help you achieve top results with our cost effective, customized solutions. 247 Fulfillment has been defining and refining the art of Fulfillment House Services.