Mailing House Pricing
for normal components that are machine insertable
  Postcards Letters
Insert into #9, #10 or A7 Envelope
Mailers & Brochures
Affix tabs
Qty 1 Insert 2 Inserts 3 Inserts 4 Inserts
1,000 $150 $230 $240 $250 $260 $195
2,500 $175 $275 $288 $301 $314 $250
5,000 $200 $350 $370 $390 $410 $300
10,000 $320 $600 $640 $680 $720 $520
20,000 $450 $1,000 $1,080 $1,160 $1,240 $900
50,000 $885 $1,650 $1,800 $1,950 $2,100 $1,550
100,000 $1,610 $3,300 $3,300 $3,500 $3,700 $3,000

We've simpified Mailing House pricing
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247 Direct Mailing Services
7590 Ventura Canyon
Van Nuys, CA  91402

Simply call us at 818-782-5340 to review the specs & we'll take care of the rest

247 Mailing House Services Los Angeles

Do you have a mailing with normal components that are machine insertable? 247 Mailing House can complete most projects in 3 days or less. The table above shows our pricing in most cases (folding is extra). The mailing house pricing above includes list processing (NCOA, CASS Certification, and postal presort), inserting, addressing, and delivering to USPS.

For good prices and fast mailing house services, you've come to one of the best mail house companies in Los Angeles! Whether you're mailing is 1000 pieces or 100,000 pieces we have the high-speed equipment necessary to cost effectively prepare your bulk mailing. Our automated processes will save you time and money. We offer folding, inserting, tabbing & postal preparation, all of the standard mailing house services. We can help you reduce your direct mailing costs by using mailing house programs such as NCOA Link and CASS Certification to get you the best USPS postage rates possible.

247 Mailing House Los Angeles prints and mails direct mail all across the United States. We have streamlined the mail house process for you. Whether you want to mail postcards, brochures, or letters, it's an easy process.

Our mailing house service makes direct mail advertising easy! 247 Mailing House Company offers a variety of mail house services to fit your direct marketing needs; It's one-stop shopping for ALL mailing house services. With 247 Mailing House Service Los Angeles every aspect of your direct mail promotion will be taken care of. We provide quick turn around times, reliable mailing house service, professional staff, and excellent customer service. We have organized our mail house so we can help you effectively promote your business using direct mail advertising.

247 Mailing House Service Los Angeles is committed to serving your print and mailing house needs. Our main focus is always YOUR satisfaction. Whether it's cost, quality or time-sensitivity, we are the answer to all your printing and mailing house needs.

247 Mail House Services Los Angeles services your city too

We are a mail house based in Los Angeles, California. Mail house services for direct mail in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and San Fernando Valley and all across California. We service Mailing House California efforts, as well as a national mail house company. We have clients across the country, including San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle and Phoenix, representing many different industries. Whatever your particular mailing house needs, we will be able to help you achieve top results with our cost effective, customized mailing house solutions. 247 Mailing House Service has been defining and refining the art of Mail House Services.